Credit Card Processing


Accept uninterrupted payments from your global customer base irrespective of the payment method they prefer to pay.


Pay your client’s to their account directly with our instant Pay-out solutions either manually or with an automated API call.

Access to difficult Markets

Credit card penetration in markets that are usually difficult to penetrate.

One single API to reach your global user base

Card Paymentz is a fully integrated payments solution that offers payment solutions ranging from Card Acquiring, Crypto Acquiring, Instant SEPA network and other Alternate Payment methods.

Security is the key

With our In-house-developed technology, we are committed to keeping your and your user's data in a secured manner by implementing advanced Fraud detection and monitoring tools run on AI and rule-based risk management

Reporting that stands out your account

Generate professional invoices, Calculate your pricing, settlements, reserves—all from one place. Save time with auto-billing, stored information, and powerful reporting tools.